Why Bother!

I believe that life is too short not to be the best that you want to be, to live the best life you want to.  If that is going to happen, you need to spend more time planning your life than you do your weekly shopping!  Unfortunately we are all leading busier and busier lives, we live in the pressing needs of today and next week, bombarded by information and opportunity from every angle. As a consequence we can easily find that life is whizzing along and passing us by.

What is Sat Nav for Life

A 6 month programme that starts a life long journey of personal growth and self discovery.
It is for ordinary people who want to ensure that their lives are being consciously lived in the way they want.
You can be what you want to be, just do it consciously!.

Sat Nav Programme

Join a group of likeminded people on a 6 month journey for the price of a gym membership.

Session 1 – after a bit of pre-work join Richard and the rest of the group for the kick off session, a day to get to explore your motivations, your goals and start to build your plan.

Session 2 – after going away to build the detail and take some time to consider what you started on Day 1, you come back to share and finalise your plans and goals.

Webinars – every month creates the opportunity to re-connect with the group, share progress and get to grips with new tools, concepts and insights to help you on your way.  Access couldn’t be easier from a computer or tablet.

Close out session – after the quickest of 6 months – get together again with Richard and the group to share progress and revisit your plans to ensure that you are best placed to continue to make great progress

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Still not sure?

Come along to the Taster Session and see if it is for you

Taster Session

A 2 hour interactive session that introduces the philosophy, the principles and creates the catalyst to take action.

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